Keeping your business running
Our forklift propane tank exchange service ensures your forklift cylinders are kept full and your operations running. Our convenient propane cylinder exchange program offers you the safest and most convenient way to ensure your propane needs are met. The exchange service is designed to fit your particular usage needs, keeping you in ample supply so you can avoid the stress of running out.
Forklift propane cylinder exchange represents a much better way of keeping your forklifts fueled. When a tank is empty, the driver merely sets it aside in a designated storage area and retrieves a full cylinder.
Fairfield Beer offers a comprehensive forklift cylinder exchange service that includes:
• Customized scheduling — Multiple times weekly, once a week, monthly
• Flexible service agreements — Month-to-month or long-term contracts
• Storage setups — For on-site cages
• Cylinder supervision — To ensure they are date-current and inspected for leaks

We are prepared to support any size business, any time, with as much propane as needed.

The benefits of our forklift propane cylinder exchange program

1. Increased productivity Every ten-minute cylinder refill can easily turn into a half-hour or more of non-productivity. An area plant manager once noted, “When my guys went out to refill, they’d disappear for twenty minutes or more. I started to multiply my eight drivers times 20 or 30 minutes lost per person each day, and the savings of your cylinder exchange started to make a whole lot of sense.”
2. Safer and simpler operation Our program ensures that there will be no propane discharge at your facility, by eliminating the filling process and the attendant risk of an accident. Filling, maintaining, and documenting propane cylinders are also covered by a number of regulations, including NFPAs Pamphlet 58 and DOT Code of Federal Regulations 49. Many companies find it difficult to monitor and comply with these ever-changing rules and regulations
We feature lightweight aluminum cylinders, which reduces the possibility of a lifting injury.
3. Cleaner storage and fewer expenses Our aluminum cylinders do not have the interior rust and scaling problems that are common to steel cylinders. Dislodged scaling can clog the injectors of an otherwise properly tuned forklift, which will in turn lower fuel economy and raise your maintenance costs.
So join the many other companies in your area who improve their profits and outsmart their competition by enrolling in our Forklift Propane Cylinder Exchange services.

To learn about our Forklift Propane Cylinder Exchange Program or our other commercial propane sales and services, contact us to speak with a representative today.